Winners of Our LessConf Competition

Last week, we offered free passes to the upcoming LessConf in Jacksonville, Fla., to the three WebWorkerDaily readers who gave the best answer to the question, “Which of the speakers at LessConf you’d most like to meet and why?” I’m pleased to be able to announce the winners as:

  • Tom Nagle, who wants to meet David Hauser of Grasshopper. “I have been a customer and a user of Grasshopper (and GotVMail) for years, but I have been most impressed with the arc and growth the company has taken over the past six years. As an entrepreneur, watching what they have done is as impressive (and educational) as anything I could read in a book or take in a class. How they launched their company with no outside money, and how they have scaled their growth is worth a two-day business retreat in and of itself.”
  • Adam Teece, who wants to meet Gary Vaynerchuk, because “He has been a huge inspiration to me to really work my passion and find ways to make money doing it. Because of him I found one of my passions is teaching people and I love gaming and geek culture.  He has been a big inspiration for my work on creating The Successful Geek brand.  It is still in its infancy and I’m starting to get some great support to really develop it and turn it into something big.”
  • Duane Brown, who wants to meet Derek Sivers of CD Baby. Duane “would love to learn about how he came up with the idea, future plans and how he feels he can beat the competition in this indie music scene.”