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FMYI 6.0 — Faster, Sleeker Collaboration via a Facebook-like Site

FMYI logoFMYI (the name derives from “For My Innovation”) is yet another product in the very crowded “collaboration” web app market — it competes with the likes of Socialtext and PBworks. Version 6.0, launched today, adds some user interface polish to make the app easier to use, and makes the overall experience faster and sleeker.

FMYI provides companies with workspaces (FMYI calls them “Pages”) that help teams communicate, collaborate and keep tabs on what everyone’s up to. You can post text, links, files, events and tasks to the Pages — anything that you’d like to share with your team, or even the whole organization. There also are features common to many other collaboration apps, like a shared calendar, the ability to have pages for each team in the organization, user profiles and more. Your homepage features an activity stream (which is reminiscent of Facebook’s news feed), allowing you to easily keep tabs on what everyone’s up to and see what needs your input.

FMYI Homepage

The basic idea behind FMYI is to free everyone of the drudgery of going through a mountain of emails just to keep tabs on what people are up to or to find important information, files or action items. With FMYI, it’s all available via the app, easily accessible whenever you need it.

FMYI Calendar

FMYI’s attractive design is similar to those of social networking sites like Facebook, and it works kind of like them, too, which makes the task of filling in one’s colleagues on what you’ve been up to feel more fun, and should help drive adoption within your organization,while at the same time making it easy to track things like tasks and deadlines. If you’re looking for a tool that can help your team collaborate and manage projects in a natural way that has a low learning curve and minimal barriers to entry, it’s worth checking FMYI out.

One point of difference from other collaboration tools is that FMYI is committed to sustainability: It purchases renewable energy credits for clients’ FMYI power usage, while the app itself enables a team to track its sustainable commuting methods.

Previous versions of FMYI have been largely pitched at larger businesses — its client list includes heavyweights like HBO, Sony (s sne) and Nike (s nke). Although the product is perfectly suitable for use in smaller organizations, there haven’t been pricing plans tailored for such businesses. There is now a limited free plan available, and Lite, Plus and Pro accounts are available from $25 to $150 per month; larger businesses should still call FMYI to discuss their individual needs.

If you use FMYI in your business, let us know what you think of it in the comments.