Adlabs Films Renamed Reliance Mediaworks To Reflect Expanded Scope Of Business


Adlabs Films Ltd will henceforth be known as Reliance Mediaworks Ltd, the company said in a release to the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group acquired a controlling stake in Adlabs, founded by director Manmohan Shetty, in 2005. It was primarily a film processing company then. Since the acquisition, the company has steadily expanded into exhibition, TV content creation and film and TV post production. The company said the change in name was necessary to reflect the broader scope of the business the company was engaged in now, while the old name was indicative only of the original business as a film processing lab.

Under the BIG Cinemas brand, the company operates 468 screens in India, the US, Malaysia and Netherlands. BIG Synergy has become a major player in television software and the company also owns California, the US-based Lowry Digital, a digital restoration facility.

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