Mobile Tech Minutes — First Impressions of Windows Mobile 6.5, Marketplace


[wpvideo qg3hVmfD w=500]

The blogosphere seems to have written off Windows Mobile 6.5 already, and there’s merit in the opinion. But I don’t want to rush any judgments so I’m not condemning it on day one. Initially, I see very little improvement given the time between the last upgrade and now. And I can’t understand why we need two browsers on a phone in this day and age. Choice is good — but when choice is required because the native browser isn’t as good, that’s a problem.

In any case, I’m sharing my first look at the platform on a loaner HTC Pure that Microsoft sent me. I received the device very recently, so instead of running towards a quick opinion, I’m walking to my final destination. Here I’m showing the general interface, some of the top level functions and the new Windows Mobile Marketplace. Over the next week, I’ll be putting my Palm Pre and Apple iPhone on the shelf to truly live the WinMo experience.

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