LinkedIn Cracks Down on Profile Names


linkedin_logo_119x32Web workers who use LinkedIn have been known to be creative with their names. Instead of just listing themselves as “Jane Doe,” for example, one often sees “Jane Doe (”. LinkedIn for Marketing is reporting that accounts with such additional information are being suspended.

linkedin-profile-editI’ve been unable to find where these rules are spelled out in LinkedIn’s help files, but it’s probably a good idea to keep name information to a minimum. You can, if you wish, get creative in the “Professional Headline” field that appears below your name.

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for networking, but it’s a private enterprise that has the right to make its own rules. I think that it provides sufficient opportunities for profile creativity without trying to sneak additional information into the first and last name fields.

How do you get creative with your LinkedIn profile?



Can you please give me the email id whom you replied ?

Because i am facing same problem. My linked in account has been removed by linked in for same reason and not allowing access for connections and profile.

Please guide me.

Thank you.


Per LinkedIn’s rules, you CANNOT make links to people that you don’t know. When you link, it asks you how you know them. If you SAY that you don’t know them, it won’t let you link. LinkedIn has reached a critical mass – size – where it is essential, but that doesn’t make it particularly valuable to everyone who is on it.

On the plus side, I have applied to several jobs – and had one offer from it, so it isn’t all useless. I suspect that the key is that to get value out of LinkedIn, you have to USE it more than it uses you.

Sam Diener

I have to be honest, I WISH there was a spam button on Linked-In. I get such crap connections and messages as a result of my web site, that I can’t use the site for the purposes I intend….

I hope it comes soon! Great blog Charles!


Hi Ian, I’m glad I’m not alone!

Is there a best practice for approaching new connections? In your experience, are most people receptive to unsolicited contact through LinkedIn?


Joffff, you’ve highlighted the think that annoys me most about LinkedIn after 6 years on the site — it does little to help broker valuable new connections which are likely to lead to business because they have a need for what you do or vice versa.

If I was being cruel I’d say they’ve been wildly successful at selling people’s own email address books back to them, while done nothing to help users extract the REAL value from a database of 43 million professionals.

Unless you are a recruiter paying LinkedIn substantial amounts for a subscription of course. And perhaps the fact that recruiters see the value should help us understand that LinkedIn is really a career development site and to expect it to help us network for business development is asking too much of it.

Ian Hendry


Am I missing something with LinkedIn – I expect to be able to use the site as a networking tool, finding new “connections” with companies and individuals that I may have a business requirement with (either as a supplier or a customer).

Yet the connections options LinkedIn presents me with tell me that I should only be making connections with people that I personally know. How is that possible? Surely if I already know them then I wouldn’t have a need for LinkedIn?

Maybe I’m missing the point of LinkedIn…

Dan London

I once went with a keyword optimized LinkedIn URL, but then decided to switch to a version of my name.

Much easier to self brand, and less feeling like a dork when sending it out to recruiters, companies, etc.

I try to avoid people with “spammy” LinkedIn URLs as they tend to be the kind of people who abuse the email system.

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