Jon & Kate and Letterman: Twitter Loves Tawdry TV Tweets!

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David Letterman is used to creating lists, not being on them. Though we’re not sure how excited he is to be at the top of Trendrr‘s Most Twittered Television list spurred mostly by his sex-with-co-workers/extortion scandal that popped up last week. Letterman topped the chart with 42,025 tweets on Friday. Saturday Night Live finished the week strong with a star-studded show that included Lady Gaga, Madonna and Scarlett Johansson.


But maybe watching Madonna and Lady Gaga rassle on SNL just isn’t enough to get you to tweet. You want something even dirtier. Thankfully the mud-slinging between Jon and Kate Gosselin only seems to escalate, and people are buzzing about it. Given how everyone has asymmetrical bobs on the brain, Trendrr pulled together a list of people Tweeting about Tweedle-dum and dumber.


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