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Fresh Faces In Tech: 10 Kid Entrepreneurs To Watch

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Jessica Mah, 18 / InternshipIN, Indinero

Jessica Mah, 18 / InternshipIN, Indinero

Jessica Mah dropped out of school at 15–but she had a good excuse: she was going to college three years early. Shortly after arriving at the University of California, Berkeley, she teamed up with her classmate Andy Su to create InternshipIN, a web site that connects students to hip, small companies instead of sending them off to Craigslist or career fairs to work at big conglomerates. They built the site over two weekends.

The partners ran the site for a couple of weeks-“We actually found our interns on the site, so at least we know it works,” Mah says-but then the reality of college (specifically final exams) sank in. “It was a great project, but we didn’t see is as being a lucrative long-term business.”

Their latest project is Indinero, which helps small-business owners track and manage their money online. “The idea is that entrepreneurs are really about building products and services, but they really don’t want to manage their money,” says Mah, who also plays ping pong and is into model rocketry. Indinero will compile their accounts, run analytics and project cash flow. The partners are looking to launch the site in mid- to late-June and, Mah says, have a number of companies ready to sign up. No funding yet for the site, but Mah sold a web-hosting business she started in high school.