Fresh Faces In Tech: 10 Kid Entrepreneurs To Watch

Daniel Brusilovsky, 16 / Teens in Tech

Daniel Brusilovsky, 16 / Teens in Tech

Daniel Brusilovsky’s first big break came in eighth grade. He had parlayed an internship at the San Mateo, Calif.-based banking-software company where his father worked into a de facto full-time IT position. “There were times when I was responsible for all of their servers,” he laughs. “If a server went down, they would call me during school. It was total chaos.”

Though he was a Windows user at the time, there was an Apple store right around the corner from his house in Silicon Valley, and he soon fell in love with Apple products. He launched a podcast dedicated to all things Mac, called Apple Universe, which today is one of the most popular Apple-themed shows on the web.

Two years ago he realized that there was no online community catering to teens – so he created one. Teens in Tech is a platform that allows users to create blogs, upload pictures, audio and video files, and presentations using the application SlideShare.

Last February, Brusilovsky received an email from Patrick DeVivo, the 15-year-old founder of a similar site called the Youth Bloggers Network. After a brief discussion the two decided to join forces. Besides Teens in Tech and YBN, Daniel has also expanded the brand to include an annual Teens in Tech conference, the first of which was staged last January on the Microsoft campus in San Francisco.

Until now, Brusilovsky, who plays the drums in his spare time, has been able to maintain the site without outside funding. But that’s about to change. For now, Brusilovsky’s earnings consist of minimal ad-partnership dollars. But the high schooler says he is currently in discussions with a number of angel investors for seed money.