BlackBerry Buzz — Widgets, Messenger and Flash, Oh My!


blackberry-buzzIt’s Tuesday and that can only mean it’s time for our new weekly feature, BlackBerry Buzz. The Buzz is where you’ll find out what’s been going on in the BlackBerry brambles. You’ll hear about everything that’s worth knowing in the awesome world of the BlackBerry.

Widgets are all the rage these days. You know, those little utilities that sit on the home screen and only do one thing. They will tell you the current weather so you don’t have to look out the window. They can show you what time it is in another city. The beauty of widgets is they can be used to customize a phone’s home screen to reflect the utility the owner desires. RIM (s rimm) has been threatening to provide a developer environment for building widgets, and they have come through on that threat. The beta release of the widget SDK can create widgets that can be distributed through the App World.

A new version of the BlackBerry Messenger, 5.0, launches tomorrow. This new version adds new features to the standard BlackBerry Messenger app. These new features include advanced SMS, avatars, large media file transfers, group messaging, contact info trading via bar code and the ability to backup contacts OTA without the need for the BlackBerry Desktop Software.

Flash 10 is coming to the BlackBerry. Adobe has been all over the news touting the new Flash player that will hit most smartphones this year and next. The BlackBerry is on the list for the future version of the latest flash player. This version of flash will go a long way to enhancing the mobile browsing experience, something the ‘Berry has been lacking.



If someone hates flash & hates widgets, why would they even read this article? Haha!

I think it’s great news!!


I have no desire for flash on a mobile device. It will suck battery life and be a cause of instability. Since BB has no web browser even approaching decent I don’t see what Flash will do for them.

Widgets are freaking annoying, especially on a small handheld screen.

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