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Will Hyperlocal Ever Scale? One Entrepreneur’s Story

Justin Carder is the VP of business development for Instivate, maker of the Neighborlogs publishing system for local news sites, and is also the founder and owner of the Seattle neighborhood blog Previously, he worked for MSNBC, *Microsoft* and Marchex.

Stuffed in a drawer in my basement are the following:
1 pair of REI rain pants
1 $350 Arc

4 Responses to “Will Hyperlocal Ever Scale? One Entrepreneur’s Story”

  1. Tracy in W. Seattle

    Y'all are asking the wrong question. It's not "will it scale?" It's "why does it HAVE TO scale?" Why does EVERYTHING have to be Wal-Mart, and not mom-n-pop corner store? Why can't 10,000 different neighborhoods have 10,000 different news services that are each successful in their own way, rather than 10,000 lame-ass cloned cookie-cutter voiceless corporate-run sites?

    There IS a unique selling point.

    And by the way, if you just think this is about producing a "hyperlocal WEBSITE," you didn't read Justin's excellent essay very closely, nor do you understand how this really works.

  2. Yes, the answer is no. It won't scale and as soon as anyone starts to make a bit of money in a particular neighborhood the competition piles in making the whole thing pointless. The problem is that there are few barriers to entry and nobody has found out how to develop a unique selling point for hyperlocal websites. The person who does, will become a millionaire