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@ Billboard: RIM’s Alan Brenner: U2 App Focused On ‘Relationships’ — Not Content

U2’s switch from being the “face” of Apple’s iPods to the “face” of RIM’s younger, hipper BlackBerry didn’t quite turn out the way fans had hoped it would — but according to Alan Brenner, RIM’s SVP of BlackBerry platforms, the company still considers the “U2 Mobile Album” app a success.

“The most salient feature of that app is that it’s based on creating real relationships between the users and the band,” Brenner (pictured on the left) told attendees during his keynote at the Billboard Mobile Entertainment Live event. “It wasn’t just the music, or the access to the photos and lyrics; the app actually connected U2 fans to each other. And I think that’s the trend we’re going to continue to see with music apps — a push toward using them to connect people in real-time to their friends, not just the content.”

Brenner said RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) was working to make it easier for app developers to use the “guts” of its platform to connect music apps directly to BlackBerry users’ inboxes and address books — making it easier for people to share playlists via apps, and see what their friends are listening to in real-time, among other things. That’s partly why the company released a new widget-based software developer kit (SDK) today. It gives developers the ability to create new apps using web languages like HTML and CSS; previously, the dev kit only supported Java-based apps. Release.