Yet Another Global Wi-Fi Network

[qi:gigaom_icon_routers] Devicescape, a San Bruno, Calif.-based startup well known for its Wi-Fi software clients, today is announcing Easy Wi-Fi Network, a 100,000-location hotspot network that comes free with devices bundled with Devicescape software. The company is cashing in on the current demand for seamless connectivity, especially by way of the cheaper Wi-Fi networks. Devicescape is competing with the likes of Boingo Wireless and iPass, but it has a different approach. It’s going after the makers of netbooks, media players, mass market phones, digital cameras and e-book readers. The service also supports thousands of additional hotspot networks in addition to Easy Wi-Fi Network. Wi-Fi guru and veteran journalist Glenn Fleishman thinks that “this move could change the market for attaching Wi-Fi access to mobile devices if manufacturers hop on board.” My sentiments exactly!