HTC Hero Review — “It’s Super”


htc-heroI have enjoyed my brief time with the HTC Hero, easily the best Android phone I have tried. Podcast co-host Matt Miller is enjoying his Hero too, and he’s published a thorough review of the phone. Matt makes it clear that he finds the phone to be a true “super Hero”, and his review touches on a lot of the reasons why he feels that way.

He touches on the “Scenes” the Hero can use, which is basically a theme utility to save the entire user environment just the way you like it. The scenes can be switched on the fly, so it is easy to have a standard scene for daily use and a special setup for other times such as when traveling. They are easy to use and quite fun to play with.

Matt is a heavy Exchange user, and he’s quite pleased with how well HTC has implemented Exchange support in the Hero. Matt says “HTC did a very good job integrating Exchange into the native apps on the device.” Check out the entire review to learn a lot about this cool phone.



don’t like the feel, but love the apps. the camera is nice and i will probably get another one. got one for my wife at and she can’t stop talkin about it. fast processor too from what i saw much better than my razor.


@ Brutus Beefcake

Its not a matter of being locked to Exchange, as it is of being the best solution for our specific circumstances.

For us, Where we currently have a small team, with no dedicated IT support having a hosted exchange service, which provides us with Exchange, Push Mail, Sharepoint, Fax to Mail, backup, etc makes sense.

We looked at Google Apps as a possible solution, but found that it didn’t do everything we needed it to do.

As for Windows Mobile, I have to disagree with you about WM. While I currently have a personal iPhone, I’ve been using WM phones for years, and still use one pretty regularly. While the interface on does look and feel chunky, compared to iPhone OS or android, what it does, namely integration with Exchange it does very well.

And the ability to add third party apps to do some specific things is something I really miss currently.
I’m looking at getting the HTC snap once WM 6.5 comes out as its definitely looking like a very nice messaging phone.


I’m really curious about how well exchange is implemented on the device and Android in general. Matt’s review, as far as I saw does not go into much detail about this. Did he talk more about this in the Podcast?

We’re planning to get Smartphone’s for a Project team at work I’m looking at which one to get. As we are outside the US, We’re going to be looking at unlocked GSM options

As we are heavily reliant on exchange for keeping in contact and everything in sync we’ve been leaning toward WM, as while its not the latest and greatest, it’s stable and something we’ve had experience with.

However Android, and the new phones like the Hero look like a potential option depending on how stable and easy it is to use (Important for people new to smartphones) and how well it integrates with exchange.

Brutus Beefcake

So sad to hear you are locked into Exchange. My company moved to Google Mail and have never looked back. Best decision they have made in a good while. Unfortunately a lot of people are in the same boat as you so don’t feel too bad about your limited smartphone choices. Best advice: Avoid WinMo at all costs as they have by far the worst interface on any current phones. Good Luck.


I thought the Hero was less curved, this looks like a HTC Magic? Does Sprint use a different casing?

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