BumpTop for Mac is Now in Alpha



Just as BumpTop 3D is coming into its own on the Windows platform (Multi-Touch support in 7), a private Mac alpha is being circulated. It’s in Alpha for a reason too, because in its current state, it does little more than look like its Windows counterpart. But the BumpTop Mac team is looking for input and feedback as they build it out, which is where those with an Alpha version come into play.

Immediately after downloading and installing the BumpTop Alpha, I was terribly underwhelmed. Despite the Alpha team’s email-based warning, I was expecting something akin to what I’ve seen on the Windows side of the fence. But as I’ve considered the situation, I’m taking the optimistic approach.

The fact that the Mac Alpha is so bare bones leads me to the conclusion that it wasn’t simply ported over from the Windows incarnation, but rather, is being crafted from the ground up, for the OS X platform. I assume that the developers recognize the unique differences in the operating systems, and plan to build it to the strengths that Apple’s OS offers. I’m hopeful that the BumpTop Mac development team will be responsive to user input, because I’m certain there are a lot of great ideas out there for such a bit of software — especially on a possible future Mac Tablet/touch device…

If you’ve got some ideas of your own for how BumpTop for Mac could really shine, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments. I’ll of course pass them along to the Dev Team as well — who knows, maybe we’ll see some of your ideas implemented in the not too distant future.



maybe they should do something like that but for th iphone… although i wouldnt see the use…


Hi everyone, does anyone know how to get a copy of this if you weren’t invited, I really want to test it out to give good feedback to the company, thanks in advance.

Mark Thompson

Hey Jake whats your email address and I will email you a copy of bumptop for windows so you can test it.

NOSARIOUS —> where can i get a copy of bumptop for Mac (link, url or torrent) – thanks..


I have the mac version of bumptop. If you have an incredibly organized desktop, this isn’t for you. If you have a huge number of files that make their way to your desktop then this IS for you. It DOES make it a lot easier to organize things, it has stacks that actually work, and it allows you to get into those stacks to find things.

The mac version is fairly simplified right now, but I can’t wait to see how this works on a tablet machine. That’s when I think it will truly shine.

Mark Thompson

is there anyone out there thats experiencing this problem – I upgraded my macbook pro from leopard to SNOW LEOPARD – ever since i have done this, i have problem with my wireless connection (wifi) work, home, cafe – wherever I go. I went to the apple support website and download the snow 10.6.2 patch and it downs work, any ideas on how to fix this?

Mark Thompson

Who cares what the application is called, in all honesty is that really important? The most important thing to me is that the application works, its user friendly, bug free and does not consume a lot of memory or system resources. I have tested bumptop for windows and i must admit i am impressed. The standard windows desktop in severely outdated – we need something new and bumptop seems to be it. As a mac and windows user I am looking forward to testing the mac alpha/beta version of this product and i hope they will contact me. Complaining about names – this is a conversation I expect a windows user to have, they normally worry about what things are called and how it would look rather than it being bug free, easy and simple to use. The last thing we need is for them to rush and release a product, and then release several service packs in order to fix the bugs…. Thats microsoft’s way of doing things… they have a version of ever application but none of them really works… lol lol lol


I agree with Gazoobee… It really is box top..
In real life u can change the viewing angle & perspective.. here its like everything is inside s box without a lid..
This also invites to waste time just pushing & pulling & bumping icons & crumpling files.. with mouse clik & drag…
What a waste of time just doing something equally useless ..
all for ” giving a real world feel ” .. I havent used it but.. the speed of operation & performance woulld also be affected considering all 3D & physics simulation running under .. (may be some whos used it can throw more light on this )


performance wise, it isn’t very draining on the system. my sister has a dying beast from 2000 ad wen i installed bumptop i thought that would be it, that the computer would just pack up and die. it didn’t though and i was shocked!! with one processor ad small graphics card it runs very smoothly and has somehow sped up her internet. very useful as well because she has a pen tablet.


This stuff is terrible. I guess it’s important to experiment, but why do you want to give your OS all the annoyances of real life? It’s gotta take 20 times longer to do everything. LAME!


A better article would have actually described the product?

BumpTop just strikes me as “Bob” round two whether in Windows or Mac versions. It’s a metaphor taken to such extremes as to be more in your way than it is helpful.

They should really call it “BoxTop” which would not only be more descriptive of what it is (your desktop in a box), it would also tie it in with the kind of crap you get free in a cereal box which is about where this concept lies IMO.

There are much better 3D metaphors for computing than a box.


That’s kind of a judgement call, HD. What’s a Mac? Maybe they should explain that too?

At some point it gets onerous to define everything in a news article. Linking to it is fine, IMO. I get tired of news articles that give dumbed down definitions of stuff that turn out to be so simplistic as to be patronizing.


We’ll have to agree to disagree on that. A good article explains what it’s covering.

Richard Overall

Scott, you’re right, but in this case I agree with HD. BumpTop is obscure enough that a quick topline of it would help give the article a point of reference.


“That’s kind of a judgement call, HD. What’s a Mac? Maybe they should explain that too?”.

It’s reasonable to assume that most people on an Apple blog will know what a Mac is (I agree that would be patronizing).

However it’s not reasonable to assume that most people will know what an app that’s still in alpha does. A one or two sentence intro in that case isn’t a dumbed down definition or patronizing, it’s simply helpful.


It would be a nice article if it actually explained what BumpTop is and what it does, instead of forcing readers to go to another web site to figure out what is it you’re talking about. A simple introduction would suffice.

Peter Kennedy

Is this available for download anywhere?

I’d be glad to offer feedback.

I’ve worked with plenty of other Alpha/Beta apps.

If you could send me a copy, I would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Peter Kennedy

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