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android-logo1Welcome to our newest Monday feature — Android Ecosystem! The biggest news this week has to be the upcoming introduction of Flash for the Android platform. Android is tapped to gain support for Flash 10.1 as Google has joined the Adobe Open Screen Project. Unfortunately for Google handset owners, Android won’t see Adobe’s public beta of Flash until after Palm webOS and Microsoft Windows Mobile devices, so watch for developing news in early 2010. Many folks are already questioning what Flash will do to a handset’s battery, so at least Android owners will get an idea about those effects based on the two guinea pig platforms.

While Android owners have a bit of a wait for Flash, they may not be waiting much longer for an Android handset on the Verizon Wireless network. BGR just snapped an alleged internal calendar showing a target launch of October 30 for the Motorola Sholes / Tao handset. That will leave just AT&T without an Android offering, although T-Mobile still has the widest variety of Google phones. Hey… AT&T is making money hand over fist with their exclusive iPhone deal, so let’s not feel too bad for them. ;)

Since Android isn’t just for phones, it’s worth highlighting that dual-booting Acer netbook. I’m still questioning the value on that effort, but I’m trying to stay open minded. Aside from Windows XP, this netbook can boot into Android on the 1024 x 600 display. Giz says it should be available next month, so I’m curious to read the early reviews and see what, if any, advantages it offers. Presumably, there’s a battery life savings and if so, it could demonstrate smartbook-like functionality in a netbook form factor. I’m still not sold because Chrome OS sounds a little more robust in terms of web usage, but I won’t completely rule out the appeal. Any takers on this one?



I’m all for Android on computers. Chrome OS won’t have an app market like Android I imagine.

If the Tao comes out on the 30th, I’ll be quite surprised. I’m still pinning it for a late Nov early Dec launch.

Danny Lee

I believe It was a year ago when they announced flash would be available on the google phone, no one seems to remember that adobes time frames are dubious at best and that these announcements are designed to make the company appear relative.

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