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Add Hassle-free Appointment Booking to Your Site With Setster

Setster LogoSetster is a nifty service that enables you to easily add an unobtrusive appointment-booking pop-up to your site. (Here’s a preview of what it would look like if I added it to WWD.) Using the Setster widget, site visitors can pop up a nicely designed overlay that lets them see the times that you’re available for appointments, and use it to book them.Setster Overlay

Installing Setster on your site is straightforward and takes no time at all. Just sign up and provide some information about your business: what sort of appointments people can book with you; whether you charge for them (and how much); and what information you need from people in order to book an appointment. You can also choose to customize the Setster pop-up with a business logo and Google map (s goog). You then just copy and paste the code that Setster generates into your site’s HTML. The widget will appear on your site, and you can start accepting appointments right away.

If you’re a Pro user, you can set your availability and check what appointments you have using the calendar on the Setster site, which can also integrate with your Google or Windows Live (s msft) calendar. Users with free accounts have more basic tools for viewing appointments and setting availability.Setster availabiliyt

If you charge for your appointments, Setster can accept PayPal (s ebay) payments directly through the site, and can also integrate with Quickbook sand Freshbooks for invoicing and keeping track of payments.

If you’d like to add an appointment-booking facility to your web site without having to set up a system on the back-end to do it, Setster is worth checking out. The service is free for one user and up to 10 appointments per month, while paid Pro plans ($9.95 per month for a single user, $29.95 per month for up to five users) are available if you need to be able to accept more appointments.

Have you tried Setster? Share your comments about the service below.

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