Industry Moves: Buckley Leaves Semel’s Windsor & Joins Silverman At IAC

Drew Buckley has left Terry Semel’s Windsor Media to work as a senior executive with Ben Silverman, paidContent has learned and confirmed with IAC (NSDQ: IACI). An IAC spokeswoman said details would be forthcoming. Silverman is still putting together the “dream team” for his latest plan with Barry Diller to change the video space; Buckley is among the first. Silverman told me in July, when his departure from NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) to start a new venture at IAC was announced, that he planned to run a lean operation.

Buckley, who headed Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) Originals as GM of Y! Studios starting in 2006, was part of a trio of executives who joined Semel in 2007 when the former Yahoo chairman and CEO revived Windsor Media. Buckley also is familiar with dealing with subscription products from his days as SVP-business development at Synacor. Jeff Karish, who headed media strategy at Yahoo, and Jimmy Yaffe, managing partner of Endeavor Marketing Solutions, also joined Windsor. Both are still there.

Despite an initial flurry of publicity about possibly buying New Line Cinema, Windsor has been relatively quiet. I’d expect that Silverman’s venture will make a fair amount of noise pretty fast.

Rafat adds: Windsor has been looking at all kinds of things to buy, and hasn’t yet done a deal. Besides New Line, I had heard Semel may make another go at IMG, after his failed attempt last year. Then there have been reports about his interest in buying a sports team. Latest I heard was his interest in buying social gaming companies, but that’s true for every M&A shop these days. Expect the other two digital execs to leave soon-ish, which for now is my speculation.