T-Mobile to Launch Samsung's Google Phone


[qi:gigaom_icon_google-android] Samsung Behold II, the first an Android phone sold by the South Korean handset giant, is coming to the U.S. via T-Mobile USA, the two companies announced today. The new device will carry Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface and will work with T-Mobile’s high-speed 3G network. It is currently scheduled to launch before the start of the holidays. The phone has a 3.2-inch OLED screen, a 5-megapixel camera, visual voicemail, a music player with up to 16GB of external memory, and GPS.

T-Mobile is quickly becoming the house of Android; the company currently offers two versions of HTC’s Android-powered smartphones and will soon start selling the Motorola Cliq. Behold II is the latest among its lineup of phones. Earlier this year, T-Mobile CTO Cole Broadman told me about his company’s intentions to launch many Android phones in 2009 and 2010.




It actually looks promising
My iPhone contract is about to expire around the holiday season and I am really glad that I have some proper options in the market!

Jason Lackey

I can only hope that those in the field of UI development don’t forget that the UI is a tool and as such is more effective when speed and responsiveness are primary design goals rather than flashiness and 3D geewiz. Android, in theory, should be pretty spry even on a phone with modest CPU, however, the heavier and more complex any bolt-on UI overlays are the more that performance will be sapped.

bradley wells

This is not the very first Samsung Android phone, see Samsung galaxy

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