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Adobe Extends Full Flash To Just About Every Phone But The iPhone

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Adobe (NSDQ: ADBE) has secured relationships will Research In Motion, Windows Mobile, Palm (NSDQ: PALM) and Google (NSDQ: GOOG) to roll out full Flash capabilities to the various smartphone platforms. With such a complete line-up, the only obvious phone remaining is Apple’s iPhone.

At the company’s worldwide developer conference in Los Angeles on Monday, Adobe plans to announce that its Flash technology, which is commonly used on the PC to view videos or ads, will be rolled out to browsers on Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) Windows Mobile, Palm webOS phones later this year. In addition, public betas for Google Android and Symbian OS are expected to be available early next year. Finally, Adobe will also bring the Flash Player to Blackberry smartphones at an undisclosed date.

The new Adobe Flash Player 10.1 software will be one piece of software that work across PCs, smartphones, netbooks and other devices, which is the vision of the company’s Open Screen Project. As part of the announcements, RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) and Google has joined the initiative. Adrian Ludwig, Adobe’s group product marketing manager for the Flash Platform, told mocoNews: “This is bringing the full Flash capabilities to these devices, it hasn

11 Responses to “Adobe Extends Full Flash To Just About Every Phone But The iPhone”

  1. bob,

    You are right – we aren't creative enough to hack up cross browser UIs using JS/HTML/AJAX so we have to reduce ourselves to working with C++ style object-orientated event driven UI platforms..yeah, we really not good enough for that MooTools, HTML and CSS stuff…

  2. ed dunn,

    I guess you and future developers aren't creative enough to develop a nice and unique UI using JS/HTML/AJAX. If you've visited CSS Zen Garden, you should know "generic" only applies to UI's that didn't have creativity as an objective.

  3. ed dunn


    Keep wishing on HTML 5 – sounds like Netscape 8 to me, overbloated on an old framework.

    Me and future developers are pushing towards better UI presentation using complied Flash or Silverlight in embedded devices – I'm tired of generic looknig UI crap like Javascript/HTML/AJAX, etc.

    Sorry but after that WAP BS and if I want to provide competitive UI on iPhone and Palm Pre, ain't no way I'm going with html tags….

  4. @Amanda: Lots of legacy software. Video is easy enough to convert, but what about hundreds of millions of dollars worth of games and applications built in flash?

  5. Amanda im Netz

    That means Flash will not only crash all desktop browsers but also nearly all mobile browsers!!! Really great!!!

    Who needs Flash when there is HTML5 around the corner!!??