Palm Pre Update Fixes iTunes Sync Again — webOS 1.2.1 Arrives


updates_2009-03-10_083049First thing this morning, I hit the Updates app on my Palm Pre (s palm) like I do every day. Normally, I do this to find updates to installed software, but today there was another update to webOS — Palm released version 1.2.1. From the few release notes, it appears the main reason for the update was to address an issue with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. I didn’t notice any issues prior, but that’s because I moved from hosted Exchange to Gmail nearly two years ago. Palm also beefed up the Media Sync feature as photo albums are now supported.

But then I saw what’s sounding like a broken record — Palm “fixed” the iTunes sync functionality again. WebOS now works with iTunes 9.0.1. I’m sure there are many happy Pre owners because of this, but I’m getting a little tired of it, personally. Palm should simply create their own sync method, license Apple’s or just bite the bullet and tell folks to hit the drop and drag method to move audio files in USB Mode. You may disagree on the situation, but to me, Palm is looking looking a little immature with this approach. Regardless of opinions on this one, if you haven’t hit your Updates app, there’s a 38MB download waiting for your Palm Pre… and iTunes.

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