Palm Pre Update Fixes iTunes Sync Again — webOS 1.2.1 Arrives


updates_2009-03-10_083049First thing this morning, I hit the Updates app on my Palm Pre (s palm) like I do every day. Normally, I do this to find updates to installed software, but today there was another update to webOS — Palm released version 1.2.1. From the few release notes, it appears the main reason for the update was to address an issue with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. I didn’t notice any issues prior, but that’s because I moved from hosted Exchange to Gmail nearly two years ago. Palm also beefed up the Media Sync feature as photo albums are now supported.

But then I saw what’s sounding like a broken record — Palm “fixed” the iTunes sync functionality again. WebOS now works with iTunes 9.0.1. I’m sure there are many happy Pre owners because of this, but I’m getting a little tired of it, personally. Palm should simply create their own sync method, license Apple’s or just bite the bullet and tell folks to hit the drop and drag method to move audio files in USB Mode. You may disagree on the situation, but to me, Palm is looking looking a little immature with this approach. Regardless of opinions on this one, if you haven’t hit your Updates app, there’s a 38MB download waiting for your Palm Pre… and iTunes.



I updated my Pre this morning and now it won’t do anything. It just shows a black screen with Palm on it. I’ve tried turning it off, but that doesn’t do anything. None of the buttons work. I’ve also tried removing the battery, but that doesn’t do anything either. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


why does everyone forget how this started? Palm was not spoofing apples vendor I’d: APPLE blocked palms! They could have sent notice or ignored it, but they didn’t. They started it.
why should I have to install more software to run my pre? that’s what palms whole idea was, and it worked and apple didn’t have to support it at all and everyone would have been happy.
Lets face this fact: if you have any drm itunes purchases (music or video) you can never ever get rid of itunes so we are in fact stuck with it now. Palm knows this and doesn’t want to compete in that space. What apple is doing is purely anti consumer.
I’m a mac user and I think my next computer may no longer be, apple is repeating the early 90s all over again.


The best analysis I’ve seen on this issue. Palm is a joke. The iTunes library file is open XML – if they had a clue they could write their own sync software, but apparently they just want to leech off the work of others. I have no respect for Palm – their stance is a joke.

shut up

mac is wack. Isn’t that why you bought the pre in the first place?


I agree that this is immature and shows Palm to be some what second rate since there are approved ways to sync with iTunes but they do require actual code work and maybe Palm simply isn’t up to it.

But I also feel Apple should stop breaking the sync. IMHO if it is ok for Palm to spoof Apple’s ID to enter iTunes then it should be ok for Apple to find a way to know it is being spoofed and send ads to these devises promoting the iPhone and iPod. So when a Palm syncs to iTunes the first thing they would get is an iPhone ad and every so often they would get another ad and before the sync could end they should get another ad.

All fair in love and marketing :P


i just updated my pre and itunes said it detected a corrupt ipod… and is not syncing anything.. any suggestions?


Palm is not in the right.

iTunes has a supported API for syncing. Palm chooses to ignore this just to get press.

Maybe instead of laying off people, Palm should put some of these devs to work on making their own sync client.

Brent Hopkins

On the one hand, it seems pointless and counterproductive for Palm to continue to attempt to support/promote Apple’s iTunes when Apple is actively working against it.

On the other hand, the fact is that iTunes dominates the music market like Windows dominates the OS market. Most people use iTunes, therefore they will want the Pre to work with iTunes.

Microsoft has in the past run afoul of the law (and rightfully so!) for its anti-competitive business practices. So far, Apple has managed to evade such legal action. However, Apple currently is even more proprietary and anti-competitive than Microsoft is. The day of reckoning will come.

Apple would be wise to loosen up a bit and forestall the antitrust enforcement. But I guess some accountant has done the cost/benefit analysis and determined that it will be more profitable to be anti-competitive for as long as possible, then pay the fines when the enforcement action does occur.

Meanwhile, Palm would be better off taking matters into their own hands and pursuing/promoting an alternative to iTunes.


I think by spoofing the vendor ID – The pre now claims to be manufactured by Apple – Palm have stepped on very dangerous ground.

Firstly in open season it looks like it is fair game for any manufacturer who wants to spoof Palm’s vendor id for whatever purpose they like.

Secondly standards bodies are there for a reason – specifically for this kind of shit to not happen – Palm have opened a nasty, nasty nasty set of possibilities with this childish play.


I disagree entirely that it’s immature. If Microsoft was the leading music provider and this was Apple hacking in support for downloading, a lot of people would be applauding it wholeheartedly. Since it’s the other way around, people are bothered by it for some reason. (Note that I’m not necessarily talking about people in these comments, just people in general).

This isn’t really all that much different from the bundling that Microsoft always gets a huge fight from the EU about – except instead of bundling software with hardware like MS is doing, Apple is bundling hardware with software and trying to force you to buy their hardware.

But more importantly, if Best Buy sold CDs that only worked in CD players sold at their store, there would be outrage, and rightfully so. I don’t see why it should be any different for digital files rather than physical media.

And I also don’t see why Apple is so bothered by it anyway. I’m sure they make more money off of iTunes than the physical hardware anyway, so why do they even try and stop this?

As for the approved ways of syncing with iTunes, sure, you could make an intermediary program that will sync iTunes to the Pre, like BB does. But the problem is, the average user who buys the phone isn’t going to want to or know how to use third-party methods to enable sync. They want it to work out of the box, and that’s why this method is far superior.


“If Best Buy sold CDs that only worked in CD players sold at their store, there would be outrage, and rightfully so.”

That is just a terrible analogy. Microsoft, sells software that only works in machines sold by Microsoft (Xbox360). Sony sells software that only works in machines sold by Sony (PS3) get the picture, right? Microsoft sells the Zune, and won’t even allow Mac or Linux users any access to it at all.


The idea is the Phone does not have an IPOD music interface, so why does apple care. I have an IPOD and use it over my PRE , however it would make me hate apple less if they let other products use itunes. the IPOD is in NO!!!!! danger of losing business to other MP3 players. I HATE HATE HATE apple and i have 2 ipods . so that should be a good example


For the millionth time..there are ways to do this that others have done and Palm chooses not to follow the Apple approved and USB standards approved method. It is stupid, amateurish, and juvenile on Palm’s part and a disservice to Palm Pre owners to keep up this foolishness.

Even though Apple does allow access to iTunes they have no responsibility to allow access to their software. Thinking they do is just idiotic and anyone who thinks this way apparently does not understand the concept of capitalism.


Agree completely. It doesn’t just look immature, it looks amateurish, and just emphasizes the fact that Palm doesn’t have their own solution for their own product.


In all fairness, there is an option to use a USB mode. But the iTunes/etc sync option is nice. I’d rather have it there some of the time, than not at all. Plus, I don’t necessarily need to update my iTunes version right away just because Apple tells me I can.

Just sayin…


Can you sync podcast playlists on your Pre using iTunes? If you can then maybe I should trade in my iPode for a Pre. Not only did Apple break Pre updates withtheir last iTunes update but they also broke the ability of many iPod users to use sync podcast playlists.


It’s not an issue of being immature, it’s about telling Apple ”Go to hell.” I paid $2000 for a macbook pro and a shitload for my music. I should be able to use them in a way to make life easier for me. Isn’t that the American way?


“It’s not an issue of being immature, it’s about telling Apple ”Go to hell.” ” – Yeah, like that’s pretty mature.

If it bothers you using apple laptops, why not get a Dell or HP? They’re pretty much the same hardware wise.

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