My Favorite iPhone Apps


Dawn's iPhoneI am a big fan of the latest generation of smart phones. The variety of applications that make them so much more useful than the previous models, which were mostly focused on email usage with a little web browsing on the side. I have an iPhone (s aapl), but I spent the last weekend helping my significant other get his Android (s goog) phone set up. Once we got the basics up and running, the first thing we did was start exploring the Android Market and installing applications.

Playing with applications on an Android phone got me thinking about how I use applications on my iPhone. I’m always interested in seeing what applications my friends are using on their phones, so I thought people might be interested in reading about the iPhone applications that I use.

PDXBus and iBART: While I work mostly in an office in my house, I do have the occasional meeting or event to attend, and I enjoy taking public transportation instead of driving because it gives me a chance to catch up on email, Twitter or RSS feeds. I mostly use the PDXBus application to pick my route based on when the next bus will arrive, but when I’m in San Francisco, I use iBART to find times and fares for getting around the city.

TripIt: When I’m traveling, I keep track of all of my travel details using the TripIt application. If you travel and haven’t used TripIt, you should give it a try. You forward all of your email confirmations from hotels, airlines, car rental companies, etc. to TripIt, and it puts everything in a nicely formatted itinerary that you can share with other people. The iPhone application lets me quickly and easily review the details of my trip.

Evernote: I take notes from meetings or events or just jot down ideas on my computer, but I hate it when I can’t access them while I’m on the go. A few months ago, I started using Evernote to take notes because I like having my notes automatically synchronized between my laptop and my phone. When I jot down a few ideas on my phone, they appear in Evernote when I get back to my MacBook, and if I need to access my notes, I can read any of my notes from my phone.

Tweetie and TweetDeck: Although TweetDeck is my primary Twitter application on my computer, I mostly use Tweetie on my iPhone. Tweetie is fast and it does a pretty good job of handling multiple accounts and searches in addition to all of the basic Twitter functionality that you would expect in a Twitter application. However, I do occasionally switch over to the TweetDeck iPhone app when I want access to the groups that I’ve defined in TweetDeck. The main limitation in TweetDeck for the iPhone is that it’s a little unstable and not as fast as Tweetie.

Motion-X GPS and DailyBurn: We’ve written quite a few posts here talking about the importance of fitness for web workers who sometimes spend too much time sitting and not enough time moving. I use Motion-X GPS to track my outdoor running and hiking with times, distance, altitude and maps of where I went. I also use DailyBurn as the one place where I keep track of all of my workouts: outdoor running, walking, cardio machines at the gym, weightlifting, etc. Let’s face it, I just like to keep track of stuff. It helps me stay motivated when I can review my progress over time.

Just for fun: I also have quite a few apps that I use just for fun that don’t really impact my work productivity.

  • Yelp to find nearby restaurants and Forkfly see if they have any deals available.
  • Games and Sudoku for when I need a little diversion.
  • Shazam to find the name of some random song playing.
  • Facebook to see if my sister has posted any new pictures.
  • Rimshot for when you need an annoying sound effect.

These are just a few of my favorite applications out of the many that I have installed on my phone.

What are your favorite smart phone apps?

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