We Can't Lie: A Rapping Tim Draper Can't Redeem CultureLick

[qi:004] Combine net neutrality, a rapping venture capitalist and Shakira’s catchy song “Hips Don’t Lie” into a web video and you’d think you’d have all the makings of a viral Internet success. But man, the first CultureLick video, starring Drue Kataoka and Randi Zuckerberg, is just bad. Not bad as in it’s so awful you have to laugh and show it to your friends, but bad in the sense that it’s painful and confusing to watch.

I was tipped off to the video by peHUB, which has a nice rundown of who’s involved, and figured it could be something you guys might enjoy. But the mismatch between the music and the new lyrics is really distracting. Plus, you can’t really tell from this video why these folks think net neutrality is beneficial. Which is a damn shame, because if any group of people can make a catchy, lighthearted and intelligible video to promote net neutrality, it should be one from Silicon Valley.

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