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We Can't Lie: A Rapping Tim Draper Can't Redeem CultureLick

[qi:004] Combine net neutrality, a rapping venture capitalist and Shakira’s catchy song “Hips Don’t Lie” into a web video and you’d think you’d have all the makings of a viral Internet success. But man, the first CultureLick video, starring Drue Kataoka and Randi Zuckerberg, is just bad. Not bad as in it’s so awful you have to laugh and show it to your friends, but bad in the sense that it’s painful and confusing to watch.

I was tipped off to the video by peHUB, which has a nice rundown of who’s involved, and figured it could be something you guys might enjoy. But the mismatch between the music and the new lyrics is really distracting. Plus, you can’t really tell from this video why these folks think net neutrality is beneficial. Which is a damn shame, because if any group of people can make a catchy, lighthearted and intelligible video to promote net neutrality, it should be one from Silicon Valley.

10 Responses to “We Can't Lie: A Rapping Tim Draper Can't Redeem CultureLick”

  1. The fuzzy and self-indulgent performance was the perfect expression of the fuzzy and self-indulgent nature of the issue. I’d have to say the video is a home run. I’ll be happy to use (small) portions of it in my presentations against net neutrality regulations.

  2. Jenkins

    All the “PC” nonsense is killing me. Without trying to offend any single person I can say without hesitation that this video is unwatchable and self-indulgent.

  3. druekataoka

    Hi Stacey and Om,

    Thank you for your article. I hope some of your readers will enjoy the video — made informally by a group of friends who care about net neutrality.

    We believe net neutrality is super important. The purely technical debate has not been successful in striking a chord with people outside of the Valley. Our idea was to promote this issue to a wider audience.

    We had fun creating the video, and we want the audience to have fun watching it. We are hoping to popularize an important but somewhat esoteric issue.


    • Stacey Higginbotham

      Drue, I can tell the people who approved the message at the end of the video had a blast. We love geek videos and will check back for your next efforts. Maybe we’re just too into Shakira ( I confess!) or perhaps too deeply entwined in net neutrality to go easy on your inaugural creation. Best of luck!

      • Have they no shame? As anyone who reads my briefings or attends my stand-up one off’s, I have a very loose style – madness one EU Telecom Exec said of my live briefings, “but that’s where real stuff comes from”.

        This was just self indulgent crap by the bored and overpaid. You have an issue? Say it plain, say it profane, but don’t layer it with fake talent.

        With all the real issues in the economy, the failing domestic talent pool, a persistent infection of me too applications and ventures, it is nauseating to see things like this.

        The only time I ever saw this work was with the LHC rap.