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New Mighty Mouse With Multitouch Forthcoming?

mighty-mouse Apple (s aapl) has a new Mighty Mouse in the works, according to a filing with the FCC reported by Engadget for the Bluetooth version of the mouse. The Mighty Mouse has been oft maligned, mostly for the small scroll nub, which gets easily infested with dirt, rendering it completely useless. As a former Mighty Mouse user, I agree wholeheartedly with these criticisms; the thing just drove me nuts during the few months that I tried to use it.

Rumor has it that Apple will be redesigning the Mighty Mouse. AppleInsider reports that the new Mighty Mouse will incorporate multitouch technology similar to that used in the iPhone and in the touchpads on Apple’s modern laptops. This will allow Apple to do away with the infuriating scroll nub. Recent patent filings by Apple are indicative of a touch-sensitive mouse.

The new Mighty Mouse is also rumored to have undergone a redesign to reflect Apple’s latest aluminum aesthetic. The new Mighty Mouse could arrive with rumored iMac updates, as current supply constraints of both hint at an arrival sometime soon.

I would love to see Apple finally produce a mouse that reflects its high standards of design and usability. I’ve been very happy with the way that Cupertino has incorporated multitouch technology into its laptop touchpads and hope that it applies the same thoughtfulness to mouse design. Frankly, considering the sorry state of the current Mighty Mouse, almost anything would be an improvement.

For those who are curious, I moved to the RocketFish Bluetooth mouse and have been very happy with it.

13 Responses to “New Mighty Mouse With Multitouch Forthcoming?”

  1. I like the current mighty mouse. The scroll ball does clog up but, as said above, is easily cleaned with a piece of paper.
    Of course, a new, touch sensitive mouse without any crevices for dirt and oil would be cool.

  2. Kendall Tawes

    The touch sensitive buttons were the worst part for me. I am a person that has always kept my hands on the buttons as I use a mouse so when I used a mighty mouse I ended up right clicking when I didn’t want to or triggering other functions because I grip Apple mice on the sides where the extra function trigers are. If they were just actually buttons that would solve all of the problems I have with it mind you the little nub never gave me any trouble.

  3. Any change to the mighty mouse is a welcome one. The ball is too small. The right-clicking sucks. Squeeze is lame. Apple makes such nice inputs for the portables — when do desktops get the same treatment?

  4. Im a fan of the wireless might mouse. The ball does get clogged, but its easy to keep it clean and smooth by turning it upside down and rubbing the ball hard on a piece of paper every week or so – takes 10 seconds. I havn’t had to replace it in the two years I’ve had it.

  5. I LOVE and HATE the Mighty Mouse… When it works I love everything about it. If feels good, multi-programable buttons speed work and the scroll is awesome… After a month or so I hate it…. Yes the scroll ball gets clogged up ridiculously fast. I am on my fourth MM. I guess I am a glutton for punishment. I CAN NOT WAIT for the latest and greatest. Hope it is sooner than later.

  6. I carelessly bought a wireless ‘Mighty’ Mouse for $100 from an Apple reseller. Little did i know that they were anything but mighty, and a week after purchasing the ball problem happened to me.

    I tried to take it back to the reseller but they claim i have to go through the website, however the website says i need to go through the reseller. Now i’m stuck with a useless, overpriced piece of plastic left in my draw gathering dust on, rather than in the mouse.

    Now i’m left paranoid of buying any expensive mouse or keyboard.

    Ironically, now i use my old mouse branded with ‘Microsoft’ that came for free with my old notebook before the Mac conversion. It’s worked longer, and better and it didn’t cost me a thing.

    If only Apple were to have the same reliability with their accessories as they do with their actual hardware.