If NBC Universal and Comcast Have a Deal, Shakeups Loom

[qi:_newteevee] Comcast and General Electric continue to discuss a possibly major deal that could position the largest cable and broadband provider as a television, movie and theme park juggernaut via a controlling stake in NBC Universal. The deal, rumored to be in the $5 billion range, would give Comcast a controlling 51 percent of NBC Universal.

There are many possible content and delivery shakeups that could come about if the deal goes through. For example, NBC is co-owner of Hulu, but Comcast, which has traditionally competed with the premium content provider, would gain partial control over the online video site. Likewise, Comcast doesn’t currently include any NBC Universal properties in its On Demand Online roster, but likely would in the event of a deal. Check out more analysis from NewTeeVee.