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Google Voice Expands

google-voice-logoWith all the hoopla about Google Wave, another set of invitations coming out of Google (s goog) seems to have been overlooked. After months of waiting, certain Twitterers are reporting that they’ve finally received invites to Google Voice, which I wrote about back in June. I’ve had GV myself since it was GrandCentral, but I got another invitation last night. The folks selling Voice invites on eBay may lose their customers soon! If you haven’t received an invite yet, you can request one here.

The concept behind Google Voice is simple: You’re given one phone number that can be configured to ring in multiple places — office, home, on your cell phone or even on an account on the VoIP service Gizmo5. We’ve looked at a number of virtual phone systems, including 3jam and Grasshopper, and while they have many nice features, it’s hard to beat Google Voice’s price — free except for international calls.

Have you received your Google Voice invitation?

8 Responses to “Google Voice Expands”

  1. Thor Zeneus

    I use a Gigaset A580IP ($89 from Amazon) with a free Sipgate account and google voice. I added my sipgate number into Google Voice. ALL inbound calls are FREE. Outbound calls are only 1.9 cents a minute from Sipgate BUT if you use the Google Voice dialer from your Google Voice account page to make an outbound call, ALL calls are FREE FREE FREE!!! What’s also really cool is that in your sipgate settings you can change your Caller ID sent number to your Google Voice number so whomever you call sees your Google Voice number on Caller ID. Kinda made my own Google Voice phone for free.

  2. I just got mine this morning. I registered for an invite a few months back. What a pleasant surprise! I quickly set it up this morning, and I’m having fun playing with all the features.