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Can Netflix and Hulu Help You Find Your Boo?

gelatoA new online dating service called Gelato is based on the notion that your life stream could be the way to find love online. Rather than relying on static (and often woefully outdated) profiles that people post, Gelato taps into your Facebook, Twitter, Hulu or Netflix (s NFLX) accounts to provide a running list of your interests. The New York Times reports:

That way, when you upload a new photo to Flickr, watch an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” or listen to a song from the new Lykke Li album, it shows up in your profile. The idea, [Gelato founder] Mr. Odom says, is that you can meet a prospective date based on actual interests in real time, rather than something hastily typed into a profile box several months ago.

As someone who’s tried online dating, I can see the allure of this approach. An online dating profile is in its own protective bubble, sequestered from the rest of your online life, so you can claim to like “cool” things like Miles Davis and Godard, when you actually listen to Nickelback and watch Brett Ratner movies. Hooking into the stuff you actually watch and listen to saves everyone the hassle of posturing.

For those nervous nellies concerned about creeps and privacy, Gelato says its has pretty granular privacy choices. Being the happily married guy that I am, I can’t test out Gelato, but if any of you NewTeeVeers are trying it out, let us know if you get lucky in love.

3 Responses to “Can Netflix and Hulu Help You Find Your Boo?”

  1. Chris, I love your example of someone claiming Miles Davis on their profile while actually being a Nickleback listener. That was exactly my experience on other dating sites and why I created Gelato. I wanted something more authentic.

    Thanks for the article!

    Founder – Gelato