MBL TECH Meetups Coming Soon


While everyone else has been waiting for Google Wave invites today, I’ve been pining for my custom license plate. It just arrived, although I haven’t yet attached it to the car. It looks pretty good on my MacBook, but it just kills productivity by blocking the screen. Guess I’ll have to hang it on the back of the car, after all.

Once I do that, I’ll be getting out and about much more often in hopes of meeting up with some of you! Normally when I hop around at Starbucks, Borders and other places to work, I tend to keep the locations to myself until I get there. That’s not very social in this day and age, is it? Nope. So I’m thinking of zig-zagging around the Philadelphia metropolitan area and sharing my whereabouts with you folks here. Watch for short update posts that I’ll put up at least a day in advance. If you can swing by, please do! There’s no guarantees that I’ll have the latest and greatest gear with me, but you never know. And I’d be happy to discuss your mobile technology needs, hot topics of the day or trends of tomorrow. Let’s keep it informal and have some fun. Oh and if you see this plate during any travels, be sure to honk!