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CHART: How A123System's Investors Fared in the IPO

A123SystemsLast week, the successful public debut of lithium battery maker A123Systems (s AONE), which saw its shares jump over 50 percent on opening day, warmed the wallets of investors worried that a cleantech IPO could freeze in the icy public markets. The stock, which was priced at $13.50 and opened at $17, traded as high as $24 on Thursday, suggesting that investors are still feeling confident. But how exactly did individual investors fare?

The Cleantech Group showed off a great table on a media call this week, plotting the percentage and value gains on the day after A123 started trading, and we re-created it below. Thomson Reuters crunched some of the numbers last week and found that the company’s VC investors made an average a return of a little over 4 times their investment (which is not bad, but not amazing). The Cleantech Group points out that individual investors made returns of between 2 and 8. Look at the handy chart below to see who owns how much:

Shareholder Number of Shares Percentage Value As Of Day After Trading
All Directors and Officers as a group (15 persons) 25,769,226 25.8% $522,857,596
North Bridge Venture Partners (entities affiliated with) 8,859,619 9% $179,761,670
General Electric Company (entities affiliated with) 8,280,622 8.4% $168,013,820
Gururaj Deshpande (Chairman of the Board) 7,017,629 7.1% $142,387,692
Qualcomm 5,351,864 5.5% $108,589,321
Motorola 4,844,914 4.9% $98,303,305
Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets 3,107,899 3.2% $63,059,068
Sequoia Capital (entities affiliated with) 2,886,506 2.9% $58,567,207
AllianceBernstein Venture Fund 2,713,314 2.8% $55,053,141
Anchorage Capital Master Offshore 2,497,919 2.5% $50,682,777

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  1. waltinseattle

    you call them investors and say its confidence. I claim they are speculators (short term holding only) and its confidence in the gulibility of the crowd, not the confidence in an upwardly mobile market.

    This is another of the posts that want me to ask we rebrand this site as earth2tech/toutsheet.

    I know a guy says this horse,… name of paul revere….this guy says the horse can do, he says the horse can do …