NeoSaej Raises $1.7 Million For eBay-Style Banking Marketplace

NeoSaej auction screengrab

NeoSaej, an online auction tech startup, has raised $1.7 million worth of a proposed $3.1 million round of funding, per an SEC filing. The Burlington, Mass.-based startup has raised around $15 million in funding in total, including $3.3 million this spring. Investors include Bay Pond Partners, Stata Venture Partners, NeoNet and Gorham Savings Bank of Maine. The company did not respond to a request for more information about this newest funding.

NeoSaej’s first product is a site called MoneyAisle; it functions like Lending Tree, but for savings accounts and CDs instead of loans. Consumers set their preferences, their zip code and then available banks compete for their accounts. NeoSaej was founded in 2006 by Lucent Technologies exec Mukesh Chatter; he currently serves as president and CEO.

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