CNN Launches CNN Go, Travel/Lifestyle Website Focussed On Six Asian Cities


CNN is expanding its footprint in Asia on the web. The broadcaster has launched CNN Go, a travel and lifestyle website focussing on six Asian cities–Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Bangkok, Shanghai and Tokyo. Sporting the tagline ‘Local Insights, Global Experiences’, the site has the same focus in all cities–eat, drink, play, shop, sleep–themes that travellers everywhere care about.

The site’s mission statement of sorts: “What CNNGo does is compile, in one place, the best each city has to offer. And that means more than just places to go, things to buy or see, or which restaurants and bars to spend your time and money in. Yes we’ve got that, but we want to deliver more than that–offering real insight and experiences of these cities and their surrounds. And by the way, CNNGo pays its own way.”

Marketing magazine first reported the project was in the works and said language versions as well as a mobile edition of the site will be rolled out eventually.

Advertising on the site will be through the brand’s centralized ad unit.

While most of the site’s content comes from paid editors and contributors, the site also features a City Pulse section where anyone can contribute articles about their city.

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