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Vid-Biz: 3D TV, News Corp., New Hires

3D TV Not All its Cracked Up to 3Be? Even with a new TV you’ll still need to wear the glasses, and the content becomes unwatchable for those not wearing glasses. (TV by the Numbers)

Fox Interactive Now Called News Corp. Digital Media; new name comes with management shuffling. (paidContent)

Hiring News: AOL hires former YouTube monetization guy, Shashi Seth (release) and Transpera brings Jason Weisberger on board as President and COO. (release) Michael J. Pohl named CEO of Jinni, he was formerly president of C-COR. (release)

Toobla Formally Launches; online bookmarking tool for collecting, playing and sharing web content now available to the general public. (Toobla)

Adobe and Turner Expand Alliance; cable network to adopt Adobe’s video editing products. (release)

Avid Partners with Sorenson Media; Sorenson 5 Squeeze integrated into Avid products, enabling video editing and encoding in one place. (emailed release)

2 Responses to “Vid-Biz: 3D TV, News Corp., New Hires”

  1. Thanks for the post, 3D TVs are the future! The games are going to be really good but the downfall is people with eye problems may not be able to see the 3 dimensions and also cost factor. Can’t wait to see the 3D Tvs in action.