SugarSync Sweetens Its Social Offerings


sugarsync logoSugarSync, the web service that backs up and synchronizes files across multiple computers and mobile phones, is rolling out a feature today that lets users provide public links to their files. These links can be used to virally spread large files stored on SugarSync to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. For example, a musician can share a song by posting a link to it on Facebook, or you can post a link to your resume on LinkedIn. This feature replaces the need to send a file by email, which may reinforce the trend of people spending more time on social networks and less on traditional email programs. Since the folks over at WebWorkerDaily last reviewed SugarSync, it’s incorporated more social features into the service, including the ability to let users publish photo albums directly to Facebook. Sharpcast, the San Mateo, Calif.-based maker of SugarSync, raised $10 million in funding from Sigma Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and Selby Ventures earlier this year, bringing its total amount of funding to $26.5 million.

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Jennifer Martinez

Thanks, Drew, for giving that great explanation.

Becky, try it out and be sure to report back to us on your thoughts!

Drew Garcia


With SugarSync, we offer a number of ways to share files with other people. The Public Links feature is the easiest way to share with large groups of people, especially if you want to share your files on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

We’ve provided controls around this functionality – after you have shared a public link, you can log into your SugarSync account to see how many times the file has been downloaded. You can also disable a public link at any time – even after it has been posted to a social network. If someone clicks on a disabled public link, they’ll see a web page that tells them the file is no longer available. You’re in control – even if you change your mind later.

And there are other ways to share files using SugarSync. For deeper collaboration with fewer people, you can share an entire folder with others people and you can assign a password that recipients must enter to join the folder.

You should sign up and kick the tires – SugarSync has flexible sharing options depending on your needs. We offer a free 2GB plan and we have 30-day trials on all of our paid plans. We also have free mobile apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Android phones.

Drew Garcia
VP of Product Management @ SugarSync

Becky Grant

I love the idea of being easy, simple to use, convienent. But, aren’t there huge risks of your personal data being exposed here by using public links? The more I use the internet the more scared I become with all the potential problems :(

Om Malik


I agree. I am getting increasingly worried about accidentally leaving up a door into my digital life without realizing that i am doing this. in many way this vulnerabilities are going to become the bigger problem in the future and you are right in your concerns.

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