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iPhone Informer — Touching the iPhone This Week

image-4Time for our new Wednesday feature that highlights some of the latest iPhone news! Just last night I noticed the new Dropbox application, which complements my online account. Alas! I can’t try it without upgrading my iPhone OS and I’m not ready to give up the Internet Tethering I enabled in iPhone 3.0. I’ll come around eventually, but for now, I’m staying put. I wonder what, if anything, in Dropbox requires the app to be on iPhone OS 3.1? I’m sure most of you have upgraded, so don’t hesitate to rub it in and tell me how good the app is. ;)

One updated app I can install is Shortcovers, which just hit version 2.0. This e-book title offers a storefont right on your iPhone or iPod Touch and now supports offline reading, recently added the ePUB format, and offers full screen, high resolution book covers as well as a grid view of your content. Of course, you shouldn’t be judging your books by the covers, but they are nice to look at. Like Amazon and other e-book storefronts, best-sellers are priced at $9.99 through Shortcovers.

timebridge-iphoneSo when I’m not reading e-books, I’m usually scheduling activities. That got a ton easier now that TimeBridge for iPhone is available. I reviewed this scheduling service back in early 2008 and found it to be very useful for coordinating meetings. The same effective approach appears in the free iPhone client. I especially like the way you can quickly tell TimeBridge that you’re running late so in turn, it will notify your meeting attendees. In the future it would be nice if the app could use your GPS location for meetings that you physically attend — it could determine how late you’re running and automatically update your peers. For now though, a few button presses does the trick.

5 Responses to “iPhone Informer — Touching the iPhone This Week”

  1. Simon Dale

    You were quite right – as soon as I actually tried to use Tethering the option disappeared.

    I have now managed to downgrade the firmware back to 3.0. I’ve done this mainly because recently my iPhone has been stuck on a blank black screen several times and also today 3 calls were diverted to voicemail even though I had full signal.

    I’d definitely avoid firmware 3.1 for now!!

  2. Simon Dale

    Hi Kevin,

    I guess from your comment about 3.1 that it has been found to disable tethering?

    I have iPhone 3.1 and my “hacked” tethering still works.



    • Correct. I’ve read various reports that folks have lost their Internet Tethering hack after upgrading the iPhone OS from 3.0. You’re actually the first person I’ve seen to have it still working! I’m still holding off for now… just to be safe.