GetJar Now Helps Users Get the Right Mobile App

getjarGetJar, a independent mobile application store, has launched a service dubbed the App Download Page, which points people to the versions of apps that are compatible with their mobile phones. By taking the guesswork out of which version to download, the thinking goes, the overall number of app downloads will rise.

If Facebook’s experience was any indication, it’s smart thinking. The social networking site was the first company to try out GetJar’s new offering, which saw a link posted on the Facebook mobile page that prompted people to download its app. The number of Facebook app downloads on GetJar have topped 10 million since it began its trial of the new service in August, according to the San Mateo, Calif.-based startup, from just 2.5 million.

In addition to Facebook, photo- and video-sharing web site Photobucket will start implementing the App Download Page service this quarter and GetJar said news- and entertainment-focused companies are also lined up to use the service soon, though it declined to name any of them. Nor would the startup comment as to whether or not it had a financial arrangement with Photobucket tied to that site’s use of GetJar’s service.

GetJar received $6 million in funding from Accel Partners in 2007.

get jar screenshot