Nokia Pushing N900 At Hackers And Makers

Nokia’s new N900 smartphone may look like an N97 on the outside, but, powered by the Linux-based Maemo OS, what place will it really have in the market?

At least for now, hacker-developers are the target. Nokia (NYSE: NOK) launched a competition dubbed Push at the recent onedotzero film festival, showcasing what tinkerers have been able to do with the upcoming open-source handset (video)…

The showcase concepts include a reengineered Speak ‘n Spell that sends SMS, controlling the handset’s address book via a Rolodex and capturing 3D images using an old Viewfinder.

But Nokia is also inviting further submissions, with winning inventions appearing inside Nokia stores.

There’s a healthy degree of marketing about this. But, while Nokia continues to eschew Android’s variety of open-source developer friendliness, it’s at least courting creative Arduino types and tinkerers.

Nokia blog: “It