Japan Says Qualcomm’s Contract Terms Violate Anti-Trust Rules

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The Japan Fair Trade Commission has ordered Qualcomm (NSDQ: QCOM) to remove certain provisions from its license agreements with Japanese handset manufacturers, which use Qualcomm’s chips, after finding that the San Diego-based company violated antitrust rules, Bloomberg reports.

Qualcomm issued a statement today acknowledging the order. Qualcomm’s General Counsel Donald Rosenberg, said: “Contrary to the allegations in the JFTC order, none of our Japanese licensees were forced to enter into license agreements with us.”

Qualcomm said it will exercise its right under Japanese law to have a full evidentiary hearing, and will pursue an appeal before the Japanese courts if necessary. In the interim, Qualcomm will seek to have the order suspended. In Aug., Qualcomm received a draft order asserting the same claims.

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