Where Is Pandora for Android?

It didn’t take long after the HTC Hero showed up that I went looking for one of my favorite programs, Pandora. I use Pandora on every gadget I own, from the desktop to all my phones. I knew that the folks at Pandora had produced an Android version — I saw it mentioned all over the place. So I was surprised when Pandora was nowhere to be found in the Android Market.

No worries, I headed to the Pandora Android web site and found that it is indeed out for the Android platform. In fact, the HTC Hero on Sprint is specifically supported.


I figured since it’s not in the Android Market, for some reason I would just follow the other instructions from the Pandora team to get it:

Pandora Android

  1. Android Market – not there
  2. Visit pandora.com from the phone – gets a “device not supported” page
  3. Scan barcode – tried a couple of apps, but nothing would scan this code

Well, this is certainly odd. Pandora says it supports the Android platform, but not in any form I can find. Did it ever appear in the Market, and is anybody using it on an Android phone?


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