Where Is Pandora for Android?


It didn’t take long after the HTC Hero showed up that I went looking for one of my favorite programs, Pandora. I use Pandora on every gadget I own, from the desktop to all my phones. I knew that the folks at Pandora had produced an Android version — I saw it mentioned all over the place. So I was surprised when Pandora was nowhere to be found in the Android Market.

No worries, I headed to the Pandora Android web site and found that it is indeed out for the Android platform. In fact, the HTC Hero on Sprint is specifically supported.


I figured since it’s not in the Android Market, for some reason I would just follow the other instructions from the Pandora team to get it:

Pandora Android
  1. Android Market – not there
  2. Visit pandora.com from the phone – gets a “device not supported” page
  3. Scan barcode – tried a couple of apps, but nothing would scan this code

Well, this is certainly odd. Pandora says it supports the Android platform, but not in any form I can find. Did it ever appear in the Market, and is anybody using it on an Android phone?



Me too, I’m experiencing the same issue… cannot find Pandora Radio in the Market.

Pandora console

This application has been a longtime coming, and I’m glad it is finally here. I haven’t used the pandora client on iPhone, but I can’t imagine this is much different. I logged into my account and got streaming right away. The sound quality is a little bit better than I expected, and I didn’t notice any lag or major issues with it. Sometimes it takes a minute to connect to a station, but once it is going it doesn’t slow down. I can’t really think of any missing features.


This is why marketplacesd and app stores are bad ideas. Didn’t we used to bitch and moan about pay me now AKA Get it Now?? Isn’t THAT the same as an app store?

Dan Morrill

Pandora has marked their app as “copy protected” in the Android Market. One effect of this is that the app will not be visible to phones that are not recognized as running a final shipping build. (Developer phones are likewise not considered shipping builds and don’t see copy protected apps, so my fellow commentors are essentially right.) Since your Hero is not available in the US, it more or less by definition isn’t shipping, and so most likely HTC has not provided us with the info we need to make copy protected apps visible. Once the Hero is finalized and shipping, copy protected apps will most likely appear.

As for why it didn’t appear on the web site, only Pandora can answer that.


Just search radio then scroll down. It should pull up as one of the top 15 app.

James Kendrick

Thanks, I already found it outside the Android Market and it works fine. I appreciate your checking in here with that info. Pandora rocks!


I have the G1 and I have Pandora. Now I downloaded it about 2 weeks ago and its fine here !


I hope you find the answer, this is one of the apps which is a must have for me. Its not worth getting the phone if I cant get into pandora.


After further googling I found out that its caused by dev phones. When you submit an app you can lock out dev phones.

James Kendrick

This link worked as it is bypassing the Market. I am listening to STP right now. You rock! I’m still waiting on Pandora to tell me why I can’t get it in the Market. It’s being blocked for sure.


I was having the same issue on my rooted G1 because of the developer status. Thanks for the link but came up with unsuccessful installation.


Are you sure you have a production device? Go into ‘settings’, then ‘About Phone.’ What is the Model, Firmware Version, and build number?

James Kendrick

What’s really weird is how the Pandora web site won’t let me play either. Tells me not a supported device. Maybe the Hero’s browser is identifying itself strangely to the the Pandora site?


Usually those annoying messages can be avoided by setting the browser not to identify itself as a mobile device. That’s under Settings > Mobile view.

Pete Mayhem

Just checked the market and had no problem. Perhaps Sprint is blocking the application to avoid taxing their bandwidth…

James Kendrick

I am in Houston. Searching for “Pandora Radio” in the Market yields a “no matches” result. Searching in the app categories yields nothing either. Are you sure it’s in there?

James Kendrick

That QR code on the page you specified works fine for reading. Unfortunately, it too returns a “no such app”. I believe it’s been removed, can you try it right now?


Yeah, I tried it before I left the comment– both scanning the QR code and just a search for “pandora” in the market via my G1. Both worked. Maybe because it’s already installed on my phone?

Very strange that yr not finding it…


I installed it from my G1 before I rooted and applied cyanogenmod. I just tried it and it runs fine over Wifi and 3G.

Can you post a better image of the QR code or email it to me. I would like to see if my phone can find it on the market.


I have a rooted G1 running CyanogenMod-4.0.4 and I’ve got a Pandora application. Haven’t run it in about a week, but it worked just fine then.

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