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Vid-Biz: Ratings, PSP, WGAE

Fall Season Start Not That Great; despite the rosy stories about strong debuts, NBC, ABC and the CW’s ratings are down. (TV by the Numbers)

Get Some Sony Movies on the Go; new feature on select Blu-ray discs will allow users to transfer movies from PS3 to their PSPs. (Video Business)

WGA East Signs New Digital Media Signatories; Dinosaur Diorama (The Burg) among the 11 new web creators that are now WGAE members, part of an active digital media push being made by the guild. (WGA East)

YouTubers Launch Record Label; DFTBA Records to focus on releasing music from up and coming YouTube musicians. (YouTube Blog)

Big Ten Signs thePlatform for Online Video; the cable sports network will use the Comcast sub’s video platform to offer live and on-demand game coverage from the Big Ten Conference. (Broadcasting & Cable)

WPP Case Against SpotRunner Dismissed; WPP’s securities fraud and breach of contract case against the TV ad firm was based on the selling of SpotRunner shares; WPP plans to appeal. (paidContent)

EyeTV Releases iPhone App; lets users access live and recorded content from Macs. (Zatz Not Funny!)

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  1. Thanks for the Shout Out. I will say that our focus isn’t just “up and coming” musicians. It’s also “already there” content creators with fan-bases in the hundreds of thousands.

    Our real goal is to help monetize online video content. Many of our musicians are primarily comedians or popular vloggers who occasionally write songs. We’ve found that they can make as much or more money selling CDs than the low-CPM advertisements YouTube is offering.

    And, of course, we can’t help but branch out into other merchandise as well, keeping the headache of managing all that crap off of the content-creator’s shoulders while providing a strong revenue stream.

    Hank Green – Co-founder of DFTBA Records