Mangrove MID Runs Windows Mobile on 7-inch Touchscreen


c-motech-midjkk caught up with pics of this super-sized Windows Mobile (s msft) 6.5 MID, and it reminds me of a modern-day version of the HTC Advantage. A 7-inch touchscreen slate is the form factor, while a Qualcomm (s qcom) Snapdragon powers the tablet. jkk says the wireless options will range from Wi-Fi to 3G to WiMAX, but not much else is known. AVING offers some additional pics of the MID, and it reminds me of the ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet. The device is made by C-motech in Seoul, Korea — a company traditionally known for building 3G and other wireless products.

Back when the Advantage arrived, there really wasn’t a market for Windows Mobile MIDs, but I’m starting to see more devices based on Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Not as many as we see with Google (s goog) Android, but still, more than I expected, which is good for Redmond.

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