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Dot Eco Frenemies: The first top level domains (like .org, .com) will be decided upon next year and two companies are battling to get approved for .eco. The New York Time’s green blog notes that the debate “heated up” when in August one Dot Eco decided to snipe the other. — Green Inc.

Is Cloud Computing Green?: This topic has delivered a heated debate, which I tried to look at for a GigaOM Pro article once, but execs at companies within the industry are even funding it hard to determine. Some argue that increased web services for cloud computing outweighs any virtualization benefits, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that cloud computing is just a more efficient way of running the on-demand comuting. Here’s Greener Computing’s take — GreenerComputing.

Copenhagen’s Crucial Documents: The Guardian published 200 pages of text that the international negotiations in Copenhagen in December will mull over. Check out the words that could save the world. — Guardian.

Government the New Late Stage Cleantech Fund: PEHub’s San Primack reports that CMEA Capital decided not to raise its $500 million later stage cleantech fund, partly because the government is there to do stuff like that — PEHub.com.

Cali Approves Largest Utility Energy Efficiency Plan: “State regulators have approved plans by Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Gas to provide $3.1 billion in consumer rebates, retrofits and other efficiency programs over the next three years — the largest utility energy efficiency effort of its kind in the country, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. — ClimateBiz.

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