Be an iReporter With CNN’s iPhone App

CNN_appWhen I first heard of the concept of a 24-hour TV news station, I scoffed. “Who would want to watch that?” Of course, I was going into the fourth grade and at summer camp, so my lack of foresight can probably be forgiven. Something I definitely would have thought was cool then was the ability to watch live video from a 24-hour news station on my mobile phone, let alone shoot and contribute video with that phone.

CNN today launched its iPhone app, which provides news updates and allows users to watch live video of breaking news and highlights from the network (though, as paidContent reports, it doesn’t offer live-streaming of the channel’s own programming).

Additionally, it taps into the video recording power of the device, allowing users to shoot and upload video to CNN’s iReport citizen journalism site, as well as view other iReport stories.

The growth in citizen journalism has been a key NewTeeVee topic of interest since we launched, and the CNN iPhone app should help spur that even further by bringing together two strong brands. CNN, a name synonymous with round-the-clock news, and its iReport citizen journalism efforts are gaining some traction. The network said it saw a surge in iReport activity back in June of this year during the Iranian election protests. In addition, people are more accustomed to the video power now available in their hands, and uploading video from your phone is easier than ever. The iPhone 3GS has already proven its ability to drive mobile video uploads.

The CNN app (iTunes link) is available today and costs $2.


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