A Video Primer on Fiber Backhaul

header_logoWe’ve spilled a lot of digital ink on the need for backhaul for next-generation (and even current generation) wireless networks, so while at the FTTH show in Houston, I chatted with Geoff Burke, director of marketing for Calix, a provider of optical equipment for carriers, about the mobile backhaul opportunity for both the company and its customers. CenturyLink (s CTL), a rural telecommunications provider, yesterday announced that it would deploy Calix equipment in order to offer fiber connectivity for its cell towers. In the video below, Burke talks about how rural carriers can take advantage of the need for backhaul and explains how Ethernet over fiber compares with alternative technologies such as Ethernet over copper. There are doubters, of course, those that allege fiber is still too expensive for cell towers, and that cell towers don’t need the full capabilities of a fiber connection, but I believe the demand for mobile broadband will continue to grow, and so I’m putting my money on fiber.