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Vid-Biz: Playboy, Video Ads, Verizon

Playboy Getting into TV Everywhere; adult network in talks with operators about wrapping an online option into the pay channel’s subscription. (Multichannel News)

Shenanigans with Video Ad Delivery; some video ad networks being deceptive about the number of impressions they deliver by counting auto-playing ads that run below the fold. (MediaWeek)

Verizon Eyeing DirecTV Acquisition? Buying the satellite company would make the telco the No. 2 pay TV player, but AT&T’s relationship with DirecTV could complicate such a purchase. (Tech Trader Daily)

CBS Releases College Sports iPhone App; app will live stream 15 SEC football games and select SEC basketball games. (Contentinople)

TV Sales Down, As Is Advertising; sales of TV sets down 15 percent in the first quarter, with media spending by manufacturers down 28 percent year-over year to $58.3 million. (Ad Age)

Wikipedia Co-Founder to Launch Kids Education Video Site; Larry Sanger’s will be a directory of the best children’s educational vids. (Business Insider)

8 Really Bad Tech Videos; from Microsoft’s Songsmith to the sock puppet, a round-up of truly awful technology clips. (Wired Gadget Lab)