StatShot: Gleeks Love Tweets


Don’t stop believin’ in FOX’s (s NWSA) musical comedy Glee. For the second week in a row the show is racking up impressive social buzz on Twitter, according to the latest stats from Trendrr.

Glee rocked the week with a high of 71,555 tweets on Thursday. The ratings-challenged Heroes took second with a high of 34,734 tweets.

Oprah got a nice bump towards the end of the work week, fueled probably by the tell-not-just-all-but-way-too-much appearance of MacKenzie Phillips. Blech. Bad Twitter, bad, bad, Twitter!




Hi Michael

If you look at the data at any given point the most recent 15 posts mentioning Glee are all about the show.

That said we employ semantic filters to lessen the noise.

Short of atomic clock precision we are looking to get a broad brush stroke of frequency. This gives one enough insight, but to your point we are evolving it everyday. It can be a big bag of hurt sometimes.

Michael Collado

This isn’t a very good depiction of people tweeting about the show. Glee is a word people use often, “I’m full of glee!!!” someone could tweet, the same thing with Heroes…

However, searching with quotations like “Gossip Girl” or “Grey’s Anatomy” does mean they are talking about the show since the search isn’t looking for just one word of the phrase.

Michael Collado

I forgot: that being said, there’s really no way to know if people are talking about the show unless it’s in hashtag form (#glee) but even then not all people use the hashtag. And why would it spike on Friday?

Chris Albrecht

Hey Michael,

Thanks for the comment. Trendrr does do its best to filter out irrelevant data from common titles like “Glee” or “Lost” or “Heroes.”

And I would argue that not a lot of people say they are filled with glee. Unless we are all living in a 1960s Disney movie.


must be in the west, cuz it’s not 4:10 like at the bottom of my comment, it’s 8:10pm here

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