Palm Pre webOS 1.2.0 Arrives With Enhancements Galore

updates_2009-28-09_173837Quick — what’s invisible, weighs 79 MB and just magically appeared? If you said a small, virtual elephant, you’d be close. But if you guessed webOS v1.2.0 for the Palm Pre, you’d be even closer! I’m pulling down the update as we speak, but since I can’t wait — nor do I expect you to — here are some highlights from the official Palm support page with release notes:

  • Music from Amazon’s MP3 store can now be purchased over 3G.
  • The App Catalog is nearly ready to roll, so you can enter credit card info for purchases. You can also Share app information via email or text message with one button.
  • Web bookmarks are part of the backup functionality.
  • Contact transfer via Bluetooth now supports Toyota and Lexus car kits. No luck for my AMC Pacer project.
  • Several calendar enhancements including tapping a phone number to dial if present in the event, choosing calendar colors.
  • Contacts can be sent as vCards in email or MMS.
  • LinkedIn is now supported by Synergy.
  • Several email enhancements such as saving email images, meeting invitation responses are correctly sent and support for paragraph text selection.
  • Podcasts resume where last left off in the media app.
  • Data services can be toggled on or off to help with battery life.
  • Web enhancements include downloading from web pages, cut / copy / paste, tapping on text fields zoom in.

There’s plenty more in the official list and I suspect even more in the actual update, but my installation is nearly done, so I’m going to play with webOS 1.2.0 now. From the sounds of things, much of what we expected is in the update. What else is there that isn’t documented, I wonder?


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