Palm Pre Hack Enables Basic Video Recording


I’m nearing four months of Palm Pre (s palm) ownership but I’m still carrying two phones with me. Why? Several reasons, but one of them is that my Pre can’t record any video. The hardware of the Pre is certainly capable, but there’s no software support for it. Although I expect we’ll see a webOS upgrade within the next week or so, I don’t think Palm will have added such support, either. Enter some clever developer types armed with command line knowledge, pointed out at PreCentral.

The webOS Internals group shares that knowledge on their wiki if you’re into rooting your Pre and living in a Terminal. I’ll wait to see if there’s a simpler way to fire up a video camera on my Pre, but many adventurers aren’t waiting. They’re either running some command lines or installing an early, test application file. There’s some basic video and sound captures coming right from the Pre as a result, but the files currently appear to be playable only in very specific apps due to the file format and container. The Pre’s camera and processor should theoretically handle 720 x 480 video capture, but I’d expect Palm to only offer VGA recording, if any, in the future.

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