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The HTC Hero on the Sprint (s s) network in the U. S. takes the Android platform to the next level with the special user interface. In this video you will see the “chinless” Hero and see for yourself how much the HTC Sense interface adds to the package. There is a brief cameo by the Palm (s palm) Pre to show how the Hero’s web browsing compares to that on the Pre.



I have a hero. My gf has a iPhone and my sister let me use her pre. While waiting on this one to come in. In my opinion they all suck. I’m not trying to be mean. The iPhone has to be hacked to get free. Apps. The hero. Crashes a lot and the pre has ur profile save on there server and if it goes: down ur. Just sol.
IPhone pros:
great key board for typing.
Reliable apps
tough hardware
Sleek look and UI.
like everything .Apple does they .WAN-a make sure no one can make money off them so they lock it down like a farmers lil girl.

Pre pros: cool phone fast. Screen transition
Mounted key board. (so mess UPS r ur foult)

Cons: relys yo much on its servers and. That’s always bad.(to many retarded with computer jobs lol)

Hero at the moment I hate my hero.
Pros : u can hack the hell out of it.
Fully cutamizable

Cons: it freezes
The phone app stops working
The volume button to soft
Key board blows(if. U can’t tell with my aggervating typos(some due to me being a drop out lol(stay in school)))
What’s the point of having an open source phone if the people that use the open source part half ass it.
I don’t like the fact. I have to download 8 apps that.all do the same thangs find one that. Works. And make the freaking space bar bigger damn. Dot dot dot. So there u have it an opinion that don’t have any sides. I love technology but. Damn I wish one person would take the time to thank about the customers and take there time to make it work and not just throw it out there half done to line the wallets. I’m sorry everyone for the greddy people that have robed.u.

Libran Lover

Do you know if this phone from Sprint is limited to a CDMA network only or will it also support GSM? Is it possible to slip in a GSM sim card into it and use it?


You kept repeating its better than PALM Pre.
Are you sure ? The browser looks slow in the video.
Both engadget and Gizmodo said its a slow browser.
Even your video showed Pre to be faster.

James Kendrick

I was commenting on the features, not just speed. The Hero browser is a better browsing experience than the Pre for me, due to how well it mimics the desktop experience.



Thanks for the video. You guys do a great job. Do you know if the Hero support flash? Thanks


I was actually going to ask the same thing. I do believe that the hero supports its own version of flash. Perhaps James could demo a youtube video as was previously suggested.
btw, that was a pretty cool vid.

James Kendrick

It doesn’t play YouTube video inline, but it is a good YouTube video player. Our embedded WordPress videos won’t play at all, and the player is Flash based. Bear in mind that this Hero is running Android 1.5 since 1.6 is not out yet. The Flash situation may change when the update is official.

Jay Black


You’re a nasty little piece of work aren’t you? So disrespectful. Amazing to see little geek boyz get all nasty and critical, and take tech gadgets so personally. Dude, go biking/hiking, go to a swanky lounge, date a girl…


Man….this @Dodit guy is a piece of work in himself. An obvious guy whose invested his life savings in the Pre and is envious of others who might be interested in something better. Now i’ve got a Pre also…and an HTC Pro and an iPhone and as far as the Pre is concerned, it really is currently a 5 on a scale of 10. And the reason i say this is, no matter how good the functionality is, the battery life on this phone is so lousy (ave 3 hours in Los Angeles – and yes, it matters in reference to battery life), it doesn’t do anyone good, if the phone is dead. Also, the Pre’s performance is average at best. Again, if you don’t load alot of apps on it (which is not Palm’s long term strategy – they’re looking to be like the iPhone with reference to apps), its fine. But its a awfully costly phone to have it in a near vanilla configuration.

Anyway, good video James.


Thanks for the run through. Look forward to seeing more of the features.
Both the pre and the hero are pretty compelling devices now. However with pre prices coming down quickly I’m thinking it might be a better deal. Though full access to the more mature android marketplace is definitely a plus for the hero.


James – thanks for the first look at the Hero. (Great article on the Palm server crash – Android would have the same issue, won’t it?) Could you demo gmail with labels, etc., on the Hero? My major concern is which phone communicates my gmail (app- mail) best as that IS my org tool. Thanks.



1) Keep the personal insults to yourself
2) The Palm Pre isn’t perfect, read today’s article, palms servers goes down = Palm Pre unusable
3) Apple deserves credit for the iPhone, but calling Apples engineers “visionaries”? Great UI but its locked down, iphone owners JUST got MMS. Have you used a Hero for more than a day?
4) James bought the Pre, he uses it everyday, and is a vet with mobile products. Give him some respect.
5) The Hero’s interface is so customizable that there is alot to learn, hes only had the phone for a day. Its going to take a week or two to get a hang of it.


this video made no sense. everything you claimed the Pre couldnt do in comparison, it actually can do. something tells me you dont use the Pre very much to understand those basics.

then it was even funnier when you wanted to go full screen & it took about 1.5 seconds to do it on the Pre, but you wrestled with Android for nearly a minute to do the samething. not a good way to follow up your previously invalid point.

sorry, but watching you really is like watching my grandpa use a device. your quite slow & really dont seem like you know what your doing. maybe you should stick to laptops because handhelds are clearly not your strong point.

there is no doubt about it, the Android UI is light years behind Pre/iPhone. these after-market UI’s being added on are lousy. i’m hoping 1 day Google can make the default UI less terrible so that these after-market vendors wont have to create their equally terrible add-ons. i really wish Google had held off until after the iPhone/Pre so they could have copied them better. Androids design looks like it came from sloppy MS engineers not Apple visionaries.


James, wondering if you could include in your next video.

-Keyboard impressions vs. Iphone
-Podcast playback and organization, another user was concerned about this, its in your first post about receiving the Hero.
-Video and you tube playback.
-Does it have 1.5 or 1.6 Android?


The processor is not “the most up to date” or “advanced” processor, but its fully capable phone. It’s probably not as fast the 3GS and cannot handle intensive 3D games. But the UI is amazing and great for true techies who want complete control of their handset. You could wait forever to get the “perfect” phone but it will never happen, there will always be something better. Personally, I’m getting this phone now and plan to get a new one in one year, even if it costs me more money.


Thank you for the video. I am very very tempted by the Sprint Hero.

Can you please address my concern in your next video? Is the hardware on the Sprint Hero already outdated even before it comes out? Or is my concern irrelevant?


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