Yahoo’s New TV Ad: Count The ‘Yous’

Yahoo Its YOU ad

So, how’s Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) spending the more than $100 million it has allocated to its new branding campaign? Well, the first TV ad in the campaign was shot in five countries and is airing on all the major TV networks and top cable channels in the U.S., where it debuts this week. It will also be aired in the U.K. and India next month — and in Brazil, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, and Taiwan next year.

The international reach isn’t surprising, considering that the campaign is global and the take away is supposed to be “your world and the world.” As for the ad itself, it’s trying to be aspirational, with jumping people, dancers (lots of them), athletes, and cute kids. There’s even a “wow,” a nod to CEO Carol Bartz’s stated desire for the company to produce “a ‘wow’ experience” for all of its users. The idea: Reenergize the Yahoo brand. I counted nine “Yous.” How about you? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Rafat adds: My first reaction to the ad: this looks like an ad campaign for the media buyers, not consumers, something to be unveiled at an upfront. How about spend the precious money in making people aware of some new products, or new ways to use a Yahoo product? As a consumer, why do I care about people bouncing around to music? It doesn’t make me feel good, or open new insights into Yahoo culture or make me use Yahoo more. The ad may make the Yahoo execs feel good about themselves; it doesn’t help it in any other way. Here’s hoping the new ads in the series after this are better.


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