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PCUK/Harris Poll: The Whole Piece In Links

Last week, our PCUK/Harris Interactive poll on consumers willingness to pay for online news caused quite a stir. Missed the series? Check back at each part with these links

#1: Only Five Percent Of Readers Would Pay For Online News

#2: Readers Prefer Subscriptions To Micropayments

#3: How Much Do Readers Say They’d Pay? Very Little

#4: Print Copies May Convince Readers To Pay Online

One Response to “PCUK/Harris Poll: The Whole Piece In Links”

  1. The faulty methodology aside for a moment, I hope you will explain why younger Web users are 6 to 13 times more likely to pay for Web news than their older counterparts. The explanation you offered, "those who have money are less likely to pay" is so silly… Come on!

    Even a lay person would guess that behind "the phenomenon" is the young people's familiarity with and general acceptance of small fees for online content in gaming, music, second life sites, i-Tune and Facebook applications, etc. The younger population is also more familiar with PayPal, SuperRewards or SpareChange, as secure and easy-to-do online payment methods, which affects their choices.

    One might even suggests that, since this younger population is growing and in a few years will become the majority of Web users, paying for Web news (and other content) will become only more acceptable. And, your "five percent" category will change into 13 or 20 percent.